Where have we developed the idea that in order to change our bodies, we have to lift weights or kettlebells or medicine balls AND do cardio at the speed of light?  This is a false belief.  

Don’t get me wrong, lifting weights and strength training are ESSENTIAL for long-term youthfulness.  The benefits of strength training are often over-looked and pushed to the bottom of the priority list.  People walk into a gym, scan the options around them and either lack motivation, or an understanding of how to group exercises together and execute them properly.  Keep that phrase in your noggin “Execute Exercises Properly.”  Current fitness trends highlight cardio bursts employing moves that are hard on the joints not to mention a red-flag for injury.  I can’t begin to tell you the number of clients I have worked with over the years who are ex – fill in the blank with the latest pounding-your-joints trend –  due to unbalanced workouts and overuse injuries.  So what is the point?? Understanding HOW to execute a move, WHAT muscles are working, WHAT muscles are stabilizing, which I call Mind-To-Muscle

WHY do you need to perform it that way? You want to understand the Mind-to-Muscle experience in order to change your body and gain long-term positive results.  Do your research… Find a professional who understands exercise science and anatomy and is there to educate you about how your body is performing. Your human body is an amazing miracle and is designed to respond to Properly-Executed moves.  Be choosy about the group fitness classes you attend. Find instructors who will bring you to a place of mindfully connecting with your body using Proper-Execution and alignment. If the move is too fast-paced, the mind-to-muscle connection is unlikely.  Once you have developed an understanding of Proper-Execution, the results of your hard work will multiply 10-fold! You will find you have more control over your body, increased strength, balance, and flexibility. Your chance for injury will be greatly reduced. Seeing changes in the mirror and loving how you feel are valuable motivations to keep going!  Let’s let go of “big and fast.” Work your body with mind-to-muscle intensity!  

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